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The overall structure of the units utilizes the 5-E Model developed by the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (Trowbridge & Bybee, 1990). This model is based on a constructivist philosophy of learning. Each "E" represents a step in the learning process whereby students actively build their understanding of a topic. An explanation of each "E" is provided below.

The Engage section of a learning experience is just that - students get engaged in and excited about a topic. They are exposed to a thought-provoking question or interesting activity pertaining to the central topic that is designed to get their attention. The "engage" jump-starts the subject and often gives ongoing inspiration.

Exploration time provides students with opportunities to consider what they already know, to begin to ask questions and go into more detail about a topic.

The explain section is the point where students run out of familiar territory and realize they are on new unexplored ground. They naturally turn to the teacher for support and guidance. Even experts continually update their knowledge by reading journal articles and talking with other scientists. Students also need an opportunity to clarify the understanding gained from their explorations. Teachers help with this process by explaining key terms and concepts and mentoring students as they seek answers and background information.

Expand (elaborate)
The goal of the Explore (sometimes called "Elaborate") segment is to encourage students to ask further questions or extend their research into a new area. This part of the learning experience is often marked by independent work designed and driven by the student.

The final "E" allows students and teachers to monitor mastery of learning objectives. In evaluation, students apply information or principles they have learned to new situations. Often this section includes an assessment mechanism and a corresponding grading rubric.

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