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Noah's Ark Today is a program centered on the fundamental concept that the farmyard is a great place to explore, teach, and learn. The program was developed by American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and is designed for grades K-5 with a focus on Science and Social Studies.

It is inquiry based built on constructivist Roger Bybee’s 5 “E” model – engage, explore, explain, expand, and evaluate.

Noah’s Ark Today provides inquiry experiences that are farm and web based through activities in the classroom and at host farms that are established school site visits. The program addresses the National Science Education Standards directly as well as the National Social Studies Standards. It was designed with a benchmark for scientific literacy as outlined by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The program was created by scientists, professional educators and teacher focus groups, making Noah’s Ark Today a sound educational tool and excellent addition to any K-5 school curriculum.

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Noah's Ark Today can also be purchased on CD-ROM for $5.00 plus shipping and handling. The CD-ROM version includes a Flash slideshow for ease of viewing. CD-ROM version includes all materials found on the website in an easy-to-use, teacher and student friendly format. Email to purchase the CD version or call (919) 542-5704.


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