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Farm Visits

Kindergarten Unit

Leading Question: What are some species of farm animals and what are their similarities and differences?

Using the familiar topic of farm animals, the Kindergarten unit focuses on having students identify ten common species of farm animals and discuss their similarities and differences. Students visit a farm, observe and act out their favorite animal, play similarities and differences games, hear and read stories, look at pictures, view the slideshow and do supplemental graphing, poetry, vocabulary work as time allows. Activities support students gaining understanding of how farm animals interact with their environment and recognizing common behaviors among farm animals. Through these multiple exposures, students learn to identify domestic livestock (such as a cow, duck, goose, goat), practice observing both physical and behavioral similarities and differences, and discover the similarities and differences between themselves and farm animals.

Key Concepts

• identify and name common organisms
• observe the characteristics of organisms
• observe and discuss animal behaviors
• explore the similarities and differences between humans and animals.
• compare and contrast animals

Critical Skills:

• Describe observed events.
• Develop questions on scientific topics
• Collect data for investigations.
• Compare observations of individual and group results.

Prior to beginning this unit, research the possibility of taking a field trip to a local farm where students can observe farm animals. Review the teacher resource: SimsNDiffs.pdf to get a quick review of some of the major similarities and differences between different species of farm animals.

It is very helpful to review the slideshow in advance and practice reading it through for inflection and meaning. It is a great review of the major concepts of the curriculum and a solid introduction to rare breeds.


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