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Dear Educators,

Kids love farm animals. Noah's Ark Today (NAT) teaches essential curricular content through the engaging and almost universally appealing subject of the farm. With this kit, we offer you a new twist on an old topic.

Using the inspiration and broad base of information available about farm animals, Noah's Ark Today teaches the skills and abilities K-5 students must learn for long-term success. Inquiry driven, and steeped in history, NAT is a rich offering for science and social studies specifically, with multidisciplinary opportunities spanning the grades.

Upper elementary students learn the scientific method, practice research skills and apply technology skills while also learning about the settling of their state or the United States - from the perspective of the animals. Enhancing their literacy and math skills, they practice reading fiction and non-fiction, doing on-line research, recording and analyzing data, graphing and reporting. Lower elementary students immerse themselves in the topic of farm animals learning science content and skills, practicing literacy skills (decoding, word recognition, matching, making stories), practicing math skills (working with manipulatives, graphing, sorting, classifying), and exercising the creative arts. Across the grades, students work as a part of a team, create quality products, conduct research, practice self-assessment, assemble a portfolio, and set their own standards for performance.

Students who have fun while learning retain more. "Fun" does not mean they are entertained; it means they are engaged, enjoying discoveries, self-motivated, and persevering in their studies. Noah's Ark Today engenders this culture in the classroom, fostering an overall love of learning. It promotes current best practices, using tools (e. g. 5E method, to be discussed) and methodologies recommended by nationally recognized education organizations and leading higher education institutions (see Introduction).

Created by and for teachers. NAT is ready to go to work for you, straight out of the box. It is an exciting adventure for you and your students, helping you achieve your curricular objectives and supporting you in achieving excellence in teaching. Have a great time, and thanks for your interest in sharing rare breeds.

Best wishes for a successful teaching career,

Charles Bassett
Executive Director
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy


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