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K-2 Units - Overview

The K-2 units are multidisciplinary, and well-suited to the centers-based classroom. Each unit is organized around central science and social studies concepts, with opportunities to practice core curricular skills in literacy and math. Following the 5E model, each unit has five main activities with several components each. These activities are supplemented by several additional activities. Because time allowed will vary greatly from classroom to classroom, this design allows for greatest flexibility both in terms of time and scaffolding needed by students.

The units are not tightly bound to one grade level. They are designed to meet Science and Social Studies standards, and can be used by any K-2 teacher. A first grade teacher might, for example, choose to begin with several activities from the Kindergarten unit and then launch the first grade unit.

Altogether, these units offer several weeks worth of activities. The teacher can pick and choose among them, tailoring their Farm Animal Unit depending on time allowed and specific objectives that year. The variety offered allows this curriculum to be used year after year, so that it is both familiar and fresh for the teacher.

3-5 Units - Overview

The 3-5 units are focused in the specific subject areas of science or social studies with opportunities to practice core curricular skills in literacy and math. They too follow the 5E model. If used in a specific time slot (e. g. science time), each unit takes approximatelyone week to complete. The units build longitudinally; each unit is related to the preceding one, but each can also be used as a stand-alone experience (provided there is a basic introduction to rare breeds given, such as viewing the slide-show).

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