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RAFT in the News

12/2010, Wall Street Journal, "Crop of Small Dairies Hits Market"

09/2010, Ecological Restoration, "Biocultural and Ecogastronomic Restoration"

12/02/09, Bohemian, “No Small Potatoes

11/26/09, Miller-McCune, “As American as Apple Pie? Antique apple orchards harbor untold heirloom varieties, but they're dying out.

11/23/09, The Atlantic, “Turkeys: Farm to Thanksgiving Table

11/23/09, The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Sustainability Can Be Delicious

11/10/09, Science Daily, “Conserving Historic Apple Trees

Fall 2009, Edible Chicago, “Heritage Apples: Sweet Reminders of the Past

Fall 2009, Edible White Mountains, “Renewing America's Food Traditions: Farmers and chefs foster heirlooms from field to fork

Fall 2009, Edible Blue Ridge, “Ode to an (Im)Perfect Apple

10/14/09, The Boston Globe, “From farm to table, a link to the past: Chefs showcase heirloom vegetables

10/12/09, Bradenton Herald, “Rediscover and save endangered foods

10/07/09, Portsmouth Herald, “All aboard the Ark of Taste

Fall 2009, Edible Rhody, “RAFT Grow-out Heirloom Harvest Week

October 2009, Saveur, “Forgotten Fruits”, “Preserving Heirloom Apples”, and “ Flavor of Fall

9/25/09, Radio Boston, “Apple Season in New England

September/October 2009, Mother Jones, “The Retrovore's Dilemma

Summer 2009, Edible Rhody, “Renewing an Heirloom Seed Legacy: The Shaker Communities of New England

Summer 2009, Edible Sacramento, “Forgotten Fruit

7/15/09, Miller-McCune, “We Gotta Eat 'em to Save 'em

7/14/09, Loudoun Times-Mirror, “A heritage chicken in every pot at Ayrshire

6/22/09, Gourmet Magazine, “Politics of the Plate: the Seeds of an Heirloom Revolution?

4/24/09, redOrbit, “Saving America’s Old-Fashioned Chickens

4/24/09, Associated Press, “A chicken coup: Group seeks to protect rare breeds

4/08/09, Civil Eats, “Future Fruits: Renewing America’s Food Traditions Apple Summit in Madison, Wisconsin

4/02/09, Up North Foodies, “Forgotten Fruits: Conserving Apples in the Landscape

3/20/09, Living On Earth - Radio Without Borders, “Restoring Apple Culture”. [For MP3 link, click here and search for the 3/20/09 show.]

3/09/09, The Wire, “Planting the seeds of sustainable agriculture

3/09/09, Portsmouth Herald, “Farmers, chefs unite to preserve local use of rare seeds

12/20/08, Courier-Journal.Com, “Rescuing America's disappearing foods

11/24/08, Grand Traverse Insider, “Rediscovering “Up North” Traditional Foods

10/23/08, Up North Foodies, “Rediscovering Up North Traditional Foods

10/03/08, Ethicurean, “Gary Nabhan: Those who forget history are doomed to re-eat it

10/03/08, Northern Express, “Eat It To Save It

9/19/08, NPR: Science Friday, “Gary Nabhan talks to Ira Flatow about chile peppers

Fall 2008, Edible Grande Traverse, “Become a Culinary Detective for Up North Heritage Foods!

August 2008, AlterNet, “Welcome to the Food Revolution

July/August 2008, Eating Well Magazine, “Renewing America’s Food Traditions: A search for forgotten delicacies

July/August 2008, Eating Well Magazine, “A Taste of Place” Savoring and Saving America’s Heritage Foods

July/August 2008, The Splendid Table, “Gary Nabhan talks to Lynne Rossetto Kasper about renewing America's endangered foods

6/28/08, AlterNet, “Welcome to the Food Revolution

Summer 2008, Edible Austin, “Saving Texas Heritage Foods”

5/11/08, NPR: All Things Considered, “Saving Endangered Species One Mouthful at a Time

4/30/08, New York Times, "To Save a Species, Serve It for Dinner"

11/17/07, National Public Radio " Preserving Historic Turkey Breeds in Kansas"

11/07/07, New York Times, “Preservation’s Progress

November 2007, Saveur Magazine, “Ruling the Roost"

10/10/07, Brattleboro Reformer, “Cheese makers concerned by proposed FDA regulations

8/27/07, The Washington Post, “The Geography of Flavor"

7/23/07, The Northwestern “UW-Extension trying to revitalize American food

5/24/07, Mountain Mail "Native Food Producers Signal the Way into the Future"

Spring 2007, Flavor and the Menu, "Taste of Tradition"

4/19/07, The Times-Picayune, "Heritage on the hoof

11/16/2006, The Times-Picayune, Good Gourd Almighty

12/18/2005, NPR, Endangered List Created for Native Foods

11/23/05, New York Times, Native Foods Nourish Again

04/05, OnEarth Magazine, How Green Is Our Valley

10/22/04, NCBuy, First-Ever List of Endangered American Foods

10/27/04, NAU Today, Hundreds of traditional foods at risk: First-ever 'List' of endangered foods released

11/04/04, Environmental News Service, Endangered Foods of North Americas Listed in a New Way

11/25/04, Sacramento Bee, Preserving traditional foods for future

11/25/04, Arizona Daily Sun, Op-Ed Let's replenish impoverished Thanksgiving table