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Romeldale/CVM Sheep-Critical Conservation Breed!

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Listing Began: 11/26/17
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Seller: WhiteBarnFrm
City: Blanchard
State: MI
Zip: 49310
Country: United States


Heritage 100% Romeldale/CVM registered sheep available at
R/CVM sheep are listed as an endangered critical conservation American heritage breed by The Livestock Conservancy.
The White Barn Farm is dedicated to preserving this rare & endangered heritage breed of sheep, the Romeldale/CVM.
We are located in the USA in the heart of lower Michigan, just outside the quaint and friendly village of Blanchard.
The Romeldale/CVM sheeps superior, high quality fiber make it a favorite among hand spinners and crafters with a real ease in spinning and an extreme soft quality that may be worn comfortably next to the skin.
You can raise your very own Romeldale/CVM flock, or add a couple of Romeldale/CVM
sheep to your current flock for some extremely nice mixed fleeces.
We have a limited number of breeding pairs/groups of this extremely rare breed of sheep available for sale.
To view our available sheep and fleeces go to our website at
Pick out your favorites now and join us in the preservation of this wonderful sheep breed.