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NPIP Ancona Ducklings

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Pre-orders for Spring 2017 Now Open!

We are the oldest and one of the largest Ancona duck breeders in the Eastern US. However, we do not mass produce the amazing ducklings as we have only a family-sized flock. We have been a closed bloodline for years and take extreme care in breeding our birds.

This breed is ideal for homesteaders. Each is uniquely marked, the hens lay over 250+ eggs/yr at peak, and the drakes reach eating size in 12-14 weeks. This is the ONLY duck breed that is female-lead (ie. less time sitting by the water and more time out foraging). On ample summer pasture this breed can feed itself without any supplementation. They are good mothers/setters, but only go broody on occasion and can be broken from a nest easily.

We are now taking orders for 2017 and look foward to working with you. You can place orders on our website at

We ship nationwide and are NPIP certified.