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NPIP Euskal Oiloa (Basque) Chickens

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Pre-orders Strongly Recommended!

This lovely breed is little known outside of their home country, Spain. They come in several varieties and are best known for their friendly nature. The hens begin laying around 5-6 months of age and will lay between 180-220 LG light brown eggs/yr (depending on the variety). The roosters, reaching eating size of 5-6 lbs by 12-14 weeks, are equally calm and some even friendly to their keepers. In most flocks a few hens are willing to raise one or two batches of new chicks every year; and while the mothering instincts are strong, the broodiness can be broken quite easily if needed. This breed is extemely hardy and is being raised successfully as far south as Florida and as far north as Canada. They are what we would consider the ULTIMATE homesteading chicken breed!

We are personally working towards the variety of Zilarra with our birds, so we get a wide range of color patterns (Marraduna, "Lady grey", Gorria-type, Blondie-type, Millie Fleur, etc). We focus mainly on hardiness, survivability, and utility breed characteristics. We prefer to "build the barn, before painting it" since "you cannot eat color". 

Since we have such a small flock and we are one of only a few breeders in the United States, we strongly recommend pre-ordering.  This can be done on our website. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us. We are NPIP ceritifed and can ship nationwide.