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Price: $ 65.00 USD
Listing Began: 11/4/17
Listing ID: 2841
Seller: BHH1875
City: Wolfcreek
State: WV
Zip: 24993
Country: United States
Phone: 304-994-9119


SILVER FOX Rabbits; ONLY 1 trio remaining; intermediate trio $195w/ pedigrees; Senior trio--ready to breed now –$210 w/peds. Also proven doe/excellent foster mom $85 w/ ped. These are Black in color, but all carry blue. Once these are sold, there will be no more available until Summer 2018.  However, we are happy to add you to our waiting list.

Working with 8 genetic lines, our farm produces unrelated pairs, trios, and proven breeders. ONLY heritage black and blue genetics. We breed Show quality, maintaining the ARBA SOP and offer pedigreed lines. Meat stock will not have pedigrees available. This breed is fine boned, producing large loins, dressing at 65% live weight, and has great feed to meat conversion ratio. The Silver Fox rabbit is listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste as the best heritage meat rabbit. The pelts are amazing!

WE are located in south-eastern WV. Can possible meet for local delivery or will help coordinate an interstate delivery. Please email, call or text for more info. Thanks for your interest and help to conserve rare, heritage breeds!