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KDAA/AKDA Bulgarian Karakachan Puppies

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We are expecting a new litter of Karackachans. This litter is linebred to foucs on the traits we want to see more of: strong guardian instinct, with the intelligence to use only as much force is necessary; the desire to stick close to their livestock and bond strongly; formidable/sturdy conformation; thick, resilient coat that sheds well, doesn't require excess grooming, and provides protection from cold and heat. 

These puppies will be dewormed, vaccinated (age-appropriate), microchipped, and exposed to a variety of poultry, equines, and dairy goats. We will work hard to expose them to a variety of surfaces/textures, noises, and situations to test/enhance their resiliance and provide confidence in new situations. 

Most will likley be offered as guardian-only homes (non-breeding), while a select few will be offered with full breeding rights. For more details, please email us or visit our website.