"...when the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another Heaven and another Earth must pass before such a one can be again."
-William Beebe

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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help?
Help conserve American breeds of heritage livestock and poultry – become an ALBC volunteer!

ALBC is currently developing its volunteer program. As always, ALBC welcomes any feedback or suggestions about its emerging volunteer program.

Volunteer opportunities include:
• Administrative Work
• Field Work
• Workshops and Conferences
• Fundraising and Development
• Internet Technology
• Staffing Public Events

Our volunteers perform important jobs that supplement the essential functions of the organization and allow staff to continue to develop and implement programs that further ALBC’s mission. ALBC appreciates those of you who give of your time and talents in helping ALBC fulfill its goals.We hope you will find your experience(s) volunteering rewarding and meaningful!

How to Volunteer:
• Request an application packet by emailing albc@albc-usa.org. Include your name and address if you want a hard copy mailed.
• Fill out the application and email it back to albc@albc-usa.org or mail it to the address below. Application may be downloaded in a WORD or PDF format.
• Set up a time to visit the ALBC office, meet the staff, and discuss your volunteer interests. (Some instances may allow for phone interviews to acquaint the staff and volunteer.)
• Set up volunteer time
• Have fun!

ALBC is often asked to provide booths or information at fairs, trade shows, conferences, and events around the country. While ALBC staff members can not attend every event, this is a great opportunity to volunteers around the country to get involved and help spread the ALBC message. ALBC will post these opportunities and other specific volunteer opportunities on this page - so check back often!